01. internettrade

Workshop 1 – Internet Trade

Internet trade within Europe as well as with the rest of the world is growing rapidly. An end to this growth is not in sight, on the contrary! In this workshop we will look together at the trends and risks of internet trade. What trends do you see in general and what do you see specifically in your field? Your observations will be presented to experts from different countries and a representative of the EC. With their combined knowledge and experience, they will reflect on these trends. What dilemmas for the surveillance will come out of this, what does it mean for the inspectors and their areas of expertise? What initiatives are already in place? Is there a reason to create a more collective approach and if so, in what areas and how?

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02. workshop

Workshop 2 – International Cooperation Between Inspectorates

International meetings between inspectorates and regulators will contribute to the exchange and expansion of knowledge. The international meetings will solidify insights and understanding across the borders of their expertise and countries. During this workshop you will see several interesting examples of this. These examples will demonstrate what is necessary to make these meetings successful and result oriented. Next on the basis of these examples, you can contribute your own ideas and views on what it takes to achieve a successful international meeting; where knowledge is exchanged and cooperation strengthened. The workshop will lead to an overview of the conditions and circumstances that would enable the inspectorates and regulators to organize meetings and improve the outcome of ongoing meetings.

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04. workshop

Workshop 3 – Good Market Surveillance

How safe are the products we buy and use? How do you know if the elevator you use to get to your office will not fall down, that your phone doesn’t give you an electric shock,
that the machines in your workplace can be used safely or that the toys your children play with are non-toxic?

All these products have a CE-mark. This means that the producer declares the product to conform to the European legislation on product safety, health and the environment. To insure that the CE mark is not used improperly, market surveillance is needed. All member states of the European Union have a responsibility to guarantee the operations of the CE system.

During this workshop we will demonstrate in graphics and numbers how the system of CE- marking works. There is valuable data hidden in this system that can help you to improve your work. We will talk about the difficult task of market surveillance and what the key indicators for good market surveillance. We challenge you to tell us what should be improved to access safer products.

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03. workshop

Workshop 4 – Making European law work for inspectorates and companies

Although European legislation has been established in many policy areas, the implementation of the law has fallen short of success. Part of the reason for this outcome is the quality of the regulation. The full set of rules are too complex for business as well as inspectorates. In some cases the rules are unnecessarily detailed or inconsistent. The coherence among the regulations is poor. There is a need to improve the regulations themselves.

The member states can organize the implementation of the European regulations more effectively by simplifying procedures and having the executing and enforcing authorities work together. In addition the member states can invest in the quality of the administration and service.

Especially in the area of surveillance, it is true that European regulations in a number of areas tends to be a cluttered patchwork of badly coordinated operations. In practice the surveillance of compliance with the European rules is carried out inefficiently.

In this workshop we will look at various initiatives to improve surveillance of compliance to the European rules, such as the Make it Work-project (for the European environmental regulations) and the Better Regulation Delivery Office: the so-called “Primary Authority” (An initiative of the British with one coordinating surveillant for all other surveillants). We ask for reflection on the presented initiatives and want to exchange ideas and experiences from different policy areas that could contribute to a more effective and efficient surveillance that companies can easily.

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